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Little Rock

Hand-stamped humor and salty threads made with care in Arkansas...

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Funny and feminist handmade jewelry, enamel lapel pins, stickers, shirts and tote bags designed in Arkansas.

Gift Card


Gift Card

from 15.00

When you wanna let that special someone pick that perfect something, grab a gift card to Arkansas made jewelry and gifts by jewelry designer Stacey Bowers...

After purchasing a gift card, you will be emailed a unique discount code for the amount you purchased. The code is valid on a purchase with that amount as the minimum, so it must be used all at one time. So, say you purchase a $25 gift card: you'll receive a code for $25 off an order of at least $25. You'll also be emailed a convenient .PDF of a gift card that you can print and give to the recipient so you don't come empty handed.  First, you'll receive a confirmation email as a receipt for your purchase, and the gift card code and .PDF will come within a few hours, as soon as I can get to the computer and make you a code and card. So if you don't get the code immediately, please don't panic! 

Sorry, but no refunds will be given for gift cards. But you'll be rich in snarky jewelry, and this includes custom bar necklaces and bracelets! 

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