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How to care for your Bang-Up Betty brass, gold and silver stamped jewelry, how to style your jewelry and apparel, what trends are fresh in stamped jewelry, and more.

Pop-Up Shop at Electric Ghost, August 6

Stacey Bowers

Bang-Up Betty is setting up shop at the most magical place on earth! Stop by Electric Ghost Screenprinting (1218 Main Street in Little Rock) between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Sunday, August 6, and pick up the newest summer designs as well as classic favorites in sweet and subversive hand-stamped jewelry, enamel lapel pins, high quality stickers and apparel printed right here at Electric Ghost.

Have brunch at one of the many mouthwatering restaurants nearby, grab groceries at the Bernice Garden Farmers Market, do a little shopping, pot a succulent at Electric Ghost, and make it a great morning in SoMa!

Want to preview what'll be at the pop-up shop? Click here!

RSVP on Facebook and invite friends by clicking here

How to Care for Your Bang-Up Betty Jewelry

Stacey Bowers

Congratulations on your new neck candy! Now here are a few tips for keeping it in tip-top condition so you can cherish it forever. 

As with all brass or sterling silver jewelry, I highly recommend keeping a good quality, soft polishing cloth on hand. In fact, I recommend this polishing cloth. I use this cloth on my own personal collection of jewelry that I wear every day. Don't ever use a polishing cloth that has grit in it! You could scratch your jewelry, and we wouldn't want that. 

Watch this magic: 

If your brass jewelry has been through hell and high water (especially salty high water), you can use Brasso on the charm, but be careful not to use it on the chain or it could be very difficult or impossible to get out of the tiny chain links. You can find Brasso for around $2 in the cleaning section of a hardware store. Or you can ask a friend to borrow some because you will only need the tiniest amount. Once I use Brasso on a piece, I thoroughly wipe off the piece with a paper towel because it kinda smells funny. Sorry. 

Shine bright, beauties! 


Gifts That Give Back

Stacey Bowers

Charitable Gifts

Over the past several weeks, I've launched a lot of new products, and many of those products give back to local and national nonprofits. Thanks to you purposeful shoppers, I've been able to donate around $2,000 to progressive causes near and far in the last year. This convenient gift guide shows you how to shop consciously and what causes Bang-Up Betty is supporting. 

I Believe in Science


$1 from each I Believe in Science sticker and pin and $4 from each I Believe in Science necklace sold at goes to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

Think Locally

You're probably not going to believe this, but Christmas morning I was in the shower thinking about work, because I always think about work in the shower. I was thinking about what pins I'd make in the new year, and I had been planning to make a George Michael pin at some point because he is everything to me. I started thinking about "Last Christmas" and feeling optimistic. I decided to go forward with the pin right then. Fast forward several hours later, after Christmas lunch, I'm opening gifts with the family, and the most precious thing on earth is handed to me... a Wham! Make it Big record. Fast forward LITERALLY 10 MINUTES and my phone lights up with a text: "I'm sorry about George Michael." And that's the story of the best and worst Christmas ever. 

Anyway, I knew I had to make the pin, and to honor George, $1 from each goes to Lucie's Place, and LGBT homeless shelter in Little Rock.

On a much lighter note, I made this Strong As Hell bracelet to benefit Arkansas Women's Outreach, a nonprofit that provides feminine products, underwear and much more to homeless women in Arkansas. 100% of the proceeds from this bracelet go to AWO. So far given them more than $1,500! 

Get Nasty

Nasty Woman

$1 from each of these Nasty Woman stickers and enamel pins sold at goes to the American Civil Liberties Union to help combat this bogus administration.

My Top Nine Moments in a Dumpster Fire Year

Stacey Bowers

Top 9 Moments of 2016

When I ran that "Top Nine" app on Instagram for 2016, my most-liked posts were all sad (in retrospect) posts about the garbage election. So, I chose my own top nine to commemorate the standout moments of arguably everyone's worst year ever.  Here are some of the precious moments that, for me, saved 2016 from being a completely unpolishable turd.


1.) Bang-Up Betty Gave Back

Thanks to everyone's generous support of my Strong As Hell Bracelet for Arkansas Women's Outreach, I was able to raise $1,295 for the nonprofit that provides feminine hygiene supplies and support for homeless women in Arkansas. I was also able to donate $106 to AVAC (AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition) in George Michael's memory through BUB sales. Throughout the year, I was able to provide auction items to support Lucie's Place, the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, and Rescue Road animal rescue. And by partnering with Get Bullish and The Outrage, money from the sale of BUB products was donated to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and Malala Fund.


2.) My First Pin

In January, Sally Nixon helped me bring my first enamel pin idea to life! Special thanks to Sally for shining up my rough draft better than I could imagine. Snag your Eternal Love coffin heart pin here.


3.) I Helped With a Proposal!

Adam and Shelley drove to the Grand Canyon, where he popped the question using a handful of BUB jewelry and a stunning engagement ring. Congrats, you two! Read more about it here.


4.) The Best Wedding Favors Ever

Speaking of weddings, last summer I stamped dozens of these to be wedding favors at a feminist wedding. I still die of shock and am completely flattered anytime someone wants me to be part of their big day!


5.) Smash the Patriarchy Pin

Choosing a favorite design is like choosing a favorite child, but if I had to pick, it would be this little hammer that's closest to my heart. Special thanks to Ashlee Nobel for taking my rough draft and creating something so smashing!


6.) Arkansas Times Best Artisan Crafter

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for voting me best artisan crafter in the Arkansas Times 2016 Best of Arkansas. It was seriously such a surprise and honor!


7.) I Voted

I can't not mention the dumpster fire election. While the outcome is a nightmare I never wake up from, I still remember every wonderful second I spent in that booth voting for a woman for president for the first time in my life. Hopefully I get to do it again.


8.) I Met Andrew W.K.

Last fall I met Andrew W.K. and gave him this bracelet. And he Instagrammed it. And he listened to me talk about my big brother. It was so party.


9.) Partnering with The Outrage

A few months ago, a sweet soul named Rebecca reached out to me about her new website to promote feminist messages while funding feminist causes. It's been fantastic watching The Outrage blossom, and I'm thrilled to introduce three enamel pins I created exclusively for them. This Nasty Women Unite pin came first, and I'll be announcing the other two later this week.

13 Enamel Pins That Are More Fun to Collect Than Pokémon

Stacey Bowers

I've collected a lot of things in my life... coins, books, Beanie Babies, ceramic unicorns... but nothing has ever been as fun to collect as enamel pins. There's a great big world of pins out there, and if you've just decided you gotta catch 'em all, here's a good place to start. Here's a peek at what I've gathered so far:

1.) Grow a Pair Pin by Radical Buttons

This cute pink pin has lady balls. What better way to say “ovaries before brovaries” and “uteruses before duderuses”?

Get it here.

2.) Handbook for the Recently Deceased Pin by Two Ghouls Press 

When I first saw this pin, I shrieked as if I’d seen a ghost. It's such a morbid and subtle tribute to one of the best cult classic films of all time. 

Get it here.

3.) Uncle Fester Pin by Two Ghouls Press

Speaking of cult classics... the light bulb on this Uncle Fester pin glows in the dark. And Two Ghouls mails them and the previously listed pin with little collectable quote cards: “Fester. It means to rot.”

Get it here.


4.) Hustle Pin by Glitteracy

If you’ve seen my designs, you know my mottos are “hustle” and “get shit done,” so this little pin speaks to me. I’m a blend of Sophia Amoruso and Scrooge McDuck. 

Get it here.

5.) Smash the Patriarchy Pin by Bang-Up Betty

This is my newest design, and I can’t put down this hammer. Not only does it convey my rage against the patriarchy, it’s my tool/weapon of choice when I work/smash patriarchy. 

Get it here.

6.) In Cats We Trust Pin by Word for Word Factory

This pin makes my cat-loving, hedonistic heart flutter. I also adore Word for Word’s other cat creations, including designs that say “cats are the currency.” ... I wanna be cat rich. 

Get it here.

7.) Will Put Out for Books Pin by Holly Oddly

Reading is my first love, and this pin gets me hot and bothered.

Get it here.

8.) Lola Pin by Memento Mori Goods

Did I mention I love cats? Well, I also love skeletons, ouija boards, and other shit that scares away men. 

Get it here.

9.) Eternal Love Pin by Bang-Up Betty

I’ve realized I missed a huge opportunity by not naming this pin the “Heart-Shaped Box Pin.” Can I get a do-over?? 

Get it here.

10.) Die Trying X Memento Mori Goods Pin

If I were stranded in the desert and could only take one pin with me, it’d be this one. This big, gorgeous pin is a limited edition collaboration between Die Trying and Memento Mori Goods, so if you don’t already have one, sorry not sorry. You should have moved quickly. 

See it here

11.) Ring Pop Pin by Sick Girls

I’m surprised that my mouth wasn’t deformed by the non-stop Ring Pops I ate as a child. I’m not surprised by all the cavities I had… 

Get it here

12.) Erase You Pin by Tuesday Bassen

I have a real talent for erasing butthole people from my life, and I wear this pin as a proud badge. Don’t cross me. I will erase you. 

Get it here

13.) Legend 2.0 Pin by Hippo Sausage

Every time I look down at this pin, the Tangerine Dream soundtrack to “Legend” starts playing triumphantly in my brain, and that’s just how I want to live every moment. Legends can be now and forever… 

Get it here

Guess How Much We Donated to Arkansas Women's Outreach...

Stacey Bowers


Thanks to your generous support, I've been able to give almost $800 to Arkansas Women's Outreach! I KNOW!! RIGHT?!

Thank you so much for buying the Strong As Hell bracelets over the last couple of months and for sharing it and the mission of Arkansas Women's Outreach with your friends and families. And thank you for sharing your stories with me! I've had so many people reach out to me and tell me their "Strong As Hell" stories of battling cancer, going through rough times and more reasons that make you sometimes need a reminder that you're strong as hell. 

PLEASE, read up on the very real issues homeless women face on a regular basis. Check out this fantastic story by Becca Bona at AY Magazine to hear from Arkansas Women's Outreach founders Katy Simmons and Rachel Achor. They've got an Amazon wish list, too, if jewelry isn't your thing, or you can donate directly to them here. The bracelets are still available here

Left to right: silly me, AWO founders Katy Simmons and Rachel Achor

Left to right: silly me, AWO founders Katy Simmons and Rachel Achor

And can I just say that the conversations these women have started in the community have been FANTASTIC?? Internet "meninist" trolls, be damned. These gals have got a real thing going here.  



How You Get the Girl: Jewelry She'll Say 'Yes' To

Stacey Bowers

If you're reading this, it means that Taylor Swift hasn't sued me yet for using her lyrics in my post title. It also means you're probably about to have a wave of warm, mushy, lovey-dovey feels wash over you.

Twice in my "career" as a jewelry designer has a guy asked me to make something so awesome that it would convince a woman to spend the rest of her life with him. TWICE have I succeeded in inspiring matrimonial bliss. I'm just kidding. They were both super awesome dudes and obviously INCREDIBLY thoughtful and I'm sure their soon-to-be-fiancées were already completely and totally head over heels for them, but I like to think I helped.

Exhibit 1: Adam and Shelley

Adam really wanted to sweep Shelley off of her feet, so he decided to shower her with bracelets stamped with heartfelt promises and this "Adventure Girl" necklace, which is completely appropriate because he then DROVE HER TO THE GRAND CANYON AND PROPOSED TO HER. Sorry. I didn't mean to shout that, but SERIOUSLY CAN IT GET MORE ROMANTIC THAN THAT?? NO. THE ANSWER IS NO.

Exhibit 2: Scott and Hannah

Scott thought of this all on his own, which makes him brilliantly clever and charming in my book. I can't take anything but stamping credit on this.

Scott takes Hannah to a damn fine dinner and gives her a classic monogrammed necklace, but... wait... why is the monogram wrong? BECAUSE THAT'S GOING TO BE HER MARRIED MONOGRAM. THAT'S WHY. Confused, Hannah flips over the necklace. BOOM. It says "Marry Me?" on the back, and eternal swooning ensues because NO ONE SAW THAT COMING AND IT WAS FANTASTIC.

And that's how it works. That's how you get the girl. Bravo, gentlemen. Bravo.

March Fourth: Remembering Jessamy Samuels

Stacey Bowers

I was saddened to learn recently of the passing of a smart, headstrong, compassionate young woman, a devoted member of the northwest Arkansas community, a scholar with huge dreams whom I am honored to have made giggle at least twice with my jewelry, according to her mother, Sallyann. 

Jessamy Eve Samuels was an inspiration to anyone she encountered. A student of anthropology at the University of Arkansas, she loved people. “One of her favorite things to say was, ‘People are the best,’ Sallyann said. Jessamy was interning at the Museum of Native American History in Bentonville, Ark., and wanted to study Vikings for her Masters at the University of Iceland. 

As founder of the Young Democrats of Arkansas’s (YDAR) Environmental Task Force, she had a gift for community organizing. One friend lovingly recalled Jessamy sneaking her phone into Arkansas Governor’s School to check in on the YDAR chapters she’d created: “I think Alma, Harrison, Clarksville, Ashdown and Cabot High Schools all owe their Young Democrat chapters to Jessamy.” 

Sallyann reached out to me a couple of weeks ago to share Jessamy’s spirit and to request several necklaces to give to her friends. Each necklace reads “March Fourth”, Jessamy’s birthday and an ode to her brave spirit, which marches forth through the lives she helped shape in her 19 years. 

A scholarship fund in Jessamy’s name has been established at the University of Arkansas, a tribute that scholarly Jessamy would surely adore. To donate to help another young leader march forth, please visit 

When you make your donation, please select “other department, program or fund” from the dropdown menu, then type “Jessamy Samuels Scholarship Fund” in the space provided. 

You can also mail a check with a memo that says “Designation of Gift: Jessamy Samuels Scholarship Fund” payable to The University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc. to:

Gift Services

300 University House

One University of Arkansas

Fayetteville AR 72701