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Ask me anything! I may know the answer. Especially if it's about Bang-Up Betty jewelry.


Little Rock

Hand-stamped humor and salty threads made with care in Arkansas...

About Me

Bang-Up Betty jewelry, shirts, totes, and other apparel are made by hand in Little Rock, Arkansas.



Bang-Up Betty started as a big mess in my living room floor in March of 2013. I’ve always been pretty crafty, and my first job was at my local bead store, so I knew quite a bit about making jewelry, though I didn’t possess too much finesse at the time. I wanted to make funny, cheeky jewelry for my sailor-mouthed friends, so I picked up a set of stamps, my dad’s old hammer and got to stamping. Three years, several smashed fingers, and a lot of tears later, Bang-Up Betty, Inc., is the real deal!

You can find Bang-Up Betty jewelry and apparel in boutiques across the United States as well as in the pages of Bust Magazine, Cake & Whiskey Magazine, and numerous Arkansas publications. You can also find my jewelry on Buzzfeed, The Frisky, POPSUGAR, Bustle, and more. 

Oh! And Betty isn't my name. Betty is my cat. My name is Stacey.