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Little Rock

Hand-stamped humor and salty threads made with care in Arkansas...

Stock Bang-Up Betty Handmade Jewelry in Your Shop

Bang-Up Betty jewelry is created in Arkansas by jewelry designer Stacey Bowers. Bang-Up Betty jewelry, stickers, pins and more are popular products at gift shops across the nation.

High five to handmade! Bang-Up Betty jewelry is made by hand in Arkansas.

High five to handmade! Bang-Up Betty jewelry is made by hand in Arkansas.

Stock Bang-Up Betty


If you're a retailer interested in carrying Bang-Up Betty handmade jewelry, apparel, pins and stickers, let's do this!

If you prefer to shop wholesale on, email me at for an invite to my wholesale collection there. If you have custom items in mind, Faire does not accommodate custom phrasing on jewelry at this time, so please email me directly.

Email (or click on that little envelope in the top right corner of the screen) if you’d rather order directly from my line sheet through me and pay with your credit card. I have an online wholesale portal where you can pay securely through Stripe.

Bang-Up Betty handmade jewelry typically ships within two weeks and comes packaged neatly and cutely on individual card backs in cello bags that are easy to display and keep the jewelry clean. 

Ordering is easy through this website and we keep shipping costs at a minimum. Just send me an email and I'll give you the magic retailer key.