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Emerald Birthstone Strand Necklace / May Birthstone

Birthstone Cluster Collection

Just in time to accompany the lush colors of autumn and the sentimental giving season, Bang-Up Betty’s newest collection of jewelry features gemstones in all their natural, glowing beauty, set in resin and displayed uniquely, a beautiful contrast to the polished and perfect way gemstones are traditionally set and sold for top dollar.

My brand new Birthstone Cluster Collection was inspired by nature and the gorgeously imperfect way the world’s gemstones come to us before they’re cut, set and made to look like something completely otherworldly.

I cast these stones in clear resin, letting them fall from my fingertips into the liquid wherever they land. Over several days, it hardens into a little cluster of gemstones that look like they’re bursting forth. Glowing peridots, moody sapphires, rich rubies, warm citrine crystals… all the colors of the birthstone rainbow.

Emerald Birthstone Strand Necklace / May Birthstone

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Emerald Strand Silver.jpg
Emerald Strand Silver 2.jpg
Emerald Strand Silver.jpg

Emerald Birthstone Strand Necklace / May Birthstone

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The May birthstone, emerald, with its rich green hue, is particularly exciting and energizing. Emerald is associated with love, domestic bliss, friendship and positive actions. Emerald, a type of beryl, is also rare and precious.

Each emerald cluster strand is made by hand and is as different as each stone included. Stones are strung on wire, making between a 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 inch length of stones.

Chains are gold-filled or sterling silver and measure approximately 17 inches long including the length of stones. Longer or shorter chains are available upon request. Sterling silver chain is pictured.

Birthstone cluster strand necklaces are made by hand at Bang-Up Betty’s North Little Rock, Arkansas, studio.

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