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Guess How Much We Donated to Arkansas Women's Outreach...

Stacey Bowers


Thanks to your generous support, I've been able to give almost $800 to Arkansas Women's Outreach! I KNOW!! RIGHT?!

Thank you so much for buying the Strong As Hell bracelets over the last couple of months and for sharing it and the mission of Arkansas Women's Outreach with your friends and families. And thank you for sharing your stories with me! I've had so many people reach out to me and tell me their "Strong As Hell" stories of battling cancer, going through rough times and more reasons that make you sometimes need a reminder that you're strong as hell. 

PLEASE, read up on the very real issues homeless women face on a regular basis. Check out this fantastic story by Becca Bona at AY Magazine to hear from Arkansas Women's Outreach founders Katy Simmons and Rachel Achor. They've got an Amazon wish list, too, if jewelry isn't your thing, or you can donate directly to them here. The bracelets are still available here

 Left to right: silly me, AWO founders Katy Simmons and Rachel Achor

Left to right: silly me, AWO founders Katy Simmons and Rachel Achor

And can I just say that the conversations these women have started in the community have been FANTASTIC?? Internet "meninist" trolls, be damned. These gals have got a real thing going here.