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How You Get the Girl: Jewelry She'll Say 'Yes' To

Stacey Bowers

If you're reading this, it means that Taylor Swift hasn't sued me yet for using her lyrics in my post title. It also means you're probably about to have a wave of warm, mushy, lovey-dovey feels wash over you.

Twice in my "career" as a jewelry designer has a guy asked me to make something so awesome that it would convince a woman to spend the rest of her life with him. TWICE have I succeeded in inspiring matrimonial bliss. I'm just kidding. They were both super awesome dudes and obviously INCREDIBLY thoughtful and I'm sure their soon-to-be-fiancées were already completely and totally head over heels for them, but I like to think I helped.

Exhibit 1: Adam and Shelley

Adam really wanted to sweep Shelley off of her feet, so he decided to shower her with bracelets stamped with heartfelt promises and this "Adventure Girl" necklace, which is completely appropriate because he then DROVE HER TO THE GRAND CANYON AND PROPOSED TO HER. Sorry. I didn't mean to shout that, but SERIOUSLY CAN IT GET MORE ROMANTIC THAN THAT?? NO. THE ANSWER IS NO.

Exhibit 2: Scott and Hannah

Scott thought of this all on his own, which makes him brilliantly clever and charming in my book. I can't take anything but stamping credit on this.

Scott takes Hannah to a damn fine dinner and gives her a classic monogrammed necklace, but... wait... why is the monogram wrong? BECAUSE THAT'S GOING TO BE HER MARRIED MONOGRAM. THAT'S WHY. Confused, Hannah flips over the necklace. BOOM. It says "Marry Me?" on the back, and eternal swooning ensues because NO ONE SAW THAT COMING AND IT WAS FANTASTIC.

And that's how it works. That's how you get the girl. Bravo, gentlemen. Bravo.

A Weekend in Custom Necklaces II (or Escape to L.A.)

Stacey Bowers

Last week custom requests were a little confused...

These are just a handful of my favorites from last week that I made before heading to L.A. for the holiday weekend to collect bacteria from Nicolas Cage's hand prints at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Fun fact: the first movie my sweetheart Collin and I watched together was "The Wicker Man."

Anyway.... jewelry...

The best thing about that spectacular WWJD necklace is that it stands for "What Would Janet Do?" because Janet Young, duh. (Hey, Janet!) And somebody's smokin' bff got a "pole dancer" necklace to complement her g-string.

And finally, Sydney Brazil made my heart explode when she ordered this "Strong As Hell" necklace. Why? Because she's a Thea Foundation scholarship winner who could tap dance your face off and she is STRONG AS HELL! Sydney, I can't wait to watch you go to college and travel the world so my working ass can live vicariously through you.

I'll end this post with a flashback to 1999 and let you count the WWJD bracelets I wore...