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13 Enamel Pins That Are More Fun to Collect Than Pokémon

Stacey Bowers

I've collected a lot of things in my life... coins, books, Beanie Babies, ceramic unicorns... but nothing has ever been as fun to collect as enamel pins. There's a great big world of pins out there, and if you've just decided you gotta catch 'em all, here's a good place to start. Here's a peek at what I've gathered so far:

1.) Grow a Pair Pin by Radical Buttons

This cute pink pin has lady balls. What better way to say “ovaries before brovaries” and “uteruses before duderuses”?

Get it here.

2.) Handbook for the Recently Deceased Pin by Two Ghouls Press 

When I first saw this pin, I shrieked as if I’d seen a ghost. It's such a morbid and subtle tribute to one of the best cult classic films of all time. 

Get it here.

3.) Uncle Fester Pin by Two Ghouls Press

Speaking of cult classics... the light bulb on this Uncle Fester pin glows in the dark. And Two Ghouls mails them and the previously listed pin with little collectable quote cards: “Fester. It means to rot.”

Get it here.


4.) Hustle Pin by Glitteracy

If you’ve seen my designs, you know my mottos are “hustle” and “get shit done,” so this little pin speaks to me. I’m a blend of Sophia Amoruso and Scrooge McDuck. 

Get it here.

5.) Smash the Patriarchy Pin by Bang-Up Betty

This is my newest design, and I can’t put down this hammer. Not only does it convey my rage against the patriarchy, it’s my tool/weapon of choice when I work/smash patriarchy. 

Get it here.

6.) In Cats We Trust Pin by Word for Word Factory

This pin makes my cat-loving, hedonistic heart flutter. I also adore Word for Word’s other cat creations, including designs that say “cats are the currency.” ... I wanna be cat rich. 

Get it here.

7.) Will Put Out for Books Pin by Holly Oddly

Reading is my first love, and this pin gets me hot and bothered.

Get it here.

8.) Lola Pin by Memento Mori Goods

Did I mention I love cats? Well, I also love skeletons, ouija boards, and other shit that scares away men. 

Get it here.

9.) Eternal Love Pin by Bang-Up Betty

I’ve realized I missed a huge opportunity by not naming this pin the “Heart-Shaped Box Pin.” Can I get a do-over?? 

Get it here.

10.) Die Trying X Memento Mori Goods Pin

If I were stranded in the desert and could only take one pin with me, it’d be this one. This big, gorgeous pin is a limited edition collaboration between Die Trying and Memento Mori Goods, so if you don’t already have one, sorry not sorry. You should have moved quickly. 

See it here

11.) Ring Pop Pin by Sick Girls

I’m surprised that my mouth wasn’t deformed by the non-stop Ring Pops I ate as a child. I’m not surprised by all the cavities I had… 

Get it here

12.) Erase You Pin by Tuesday Bassen

I have a real talent for erasing butthole people from my life, and I wear this pin as a proud badge. Don’t cross me. I will erase you. 

Get it here

13.) Legend 2.0 Pin by Hippo Sausage

Every time I look down at this pin, the Tangerine Dream soundtrack to “Legend” starts playing triumphantly in my brain, and that’s just how I want to live every moment. Legends can be now and forever… 

Get it here