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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Stacey Bowers


Mother's Day is about a month away. What are you going to give the woman who would lift a small car off of you if she had to? Here are a few suggestions of superb, locally made and sourced gifts to remind mom that you're her favorite child. 


DIY Cactus Course by Dani Ives

Mom needs a new hobby. Buy her a "seat" at one of fiber artist Dani Ives's online courses, and Dani will teach her how to create adorable felt cacti. Tip: You should do the course with her! 

Get it here. 



Houseplants and Hot Sauce by Sally Nixon

Make sure mom's got a good pair of reading glasses, because she's not going to want to put down this seek-and-find book for grown-ups. I'm a cat mom, and I have tested and approved this. 

Get it locally at Domestic Domestic or Moxy Modern Mercantile


Don't Make Me Turn this Car Around Keychain by Bang-Up Betty

Make mom laugh out loud with this hand-stamped keychain that commemorates all the times she threatened to turn this car around STOP TEASING YOUR SISTER!!

Get it here. 

Wick Sip Donate.jpg

I Love Jesus (But I Cuss a Little) Candle by Wick Sip Donate

Because your mom is funny as H-E-double-hockey-sticks. When she's done burning the candle, she can sip wine in the glass if she drinks a little, too. And with every purchase, Wick Sip Donate gives to animal rescue charities. 

Get it here. 


Fern Card by May We Fly

Don't forget the card! Make mom proud that you included a great card. Cards are everything. And if she likes these a lot (she will), you can order her a whole set of them.

Get it here. 


Renaissance Club by Thea Foundation

Mom loves to help kids. Feed her generous spirit by signing her up for Thea Foundation's Renaissance Club. Thea Foundation advocates the arts in Arkansas schools, and their new monthly or annual giving program comes with great perks, like these paintbrush pens and free entrance to art exhibitions. 

Get it here.


Mama Bear Necklace by Bang-Up Betty

Because she fiercely protected her cubs. Mom will love this funny, adorable little nod her to strength. And c'mon... she had to be reallllllly tough to raise you

Get it here.

Electric Ghost.png

Plant Lab by Electric Ghost 

Feed mom's nurturing spirit with a pretty plant she can cherish and care for. And give it your personal touch. Head to Electric Ghost in downtown Little Rock, and you can choose your plant and your pot and build something beautiful right there with the expertise of their staff. 

Get it here. 


Oatmeal Cream Pies by Loblolly Creamery

Have you tasted these yet? You haven't? Then what are you doing with your life? Get thee to Loblolly immediately and order one of these massive, amazing, oatmeal cream pies. And get some for mom. She will somehow love you more than she already does. 

Get it here.


Bath Products by Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium

I've been buying Bathhouse Soapery soaps, scrubs, lotions and more for years. There is a reason why this bath shop is opening new locations right and left. Everything owner Charlene Simon makes is pure, bubbly gold. My go-to is the Bathhouse Couture scent. Again, cat mom tested and approved. 

Get it here.


Glamfestation Brooch by Krystal Bijoux

Let mom show off her wild side with a handmade "glamfestation" brooch by Krystal Bijoux. Krystal Bijoux has literally HUNDREDS of brooches and other sparkly things on her Etsy page right now. Fly over there! 

Get it here. 

Electric Ghost 2.png

Monster Shirt by Electric Ghost

For the new(ish) mom and her little monster. At least tantrums will be kind of funny when they're wearing this shirt. 

Get it here.