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My Top Nine Moments in a Dumpster Fire Year

Stacey Bowers

Top 9 Moments of 2016

When I ran that "Top Nine" app on Instagram for 2016, my most-liked posts were all sad (in retrospect) posts about the garbage election. So, I chose my own top nine to commemorate the standout moments of arguably everyone's worst year ever.  Here are some of the precious moments that, for me, saved 2016 from being a completely unpolishable turd.


1.) Bang-Up Betty Gave Back

Thanks to everyone's generous support of my Strong As Hell Bracelet for Arkansas Women's Outreach, I was able to raise $1,295 for the nonprofit that provides feminine hygiene supplies and support for homeless women in Arkansas. I was also able to donate $106 to AVAC (AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition) in George Michael's memory through BUB sales. Throughout the year, I was able to provide auction items to support Lucie's Place, the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, and Rescue Road animal rescue. And by partnering with Get Bullish and The Outrage, money from the sale of BUB products was donated to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and Malala Fund.


2.) My First Pin

In January, Sally Nixon helped me bring my first enamel pin idea to life! Special thanks to Sally for shining up my rough draft better than I could imagine. Snag your Eternal Love coffin heart pin here.


3.) I Helped With a Proposal!

Adam and Shelley drove to the Grand Canyon, where he popped the question using a handful of BUB jewelry and a stunning engagement ring. Congrats, you two! Read more about it here.


4.) The Best Wedding Favors Ever

Speaking of weddings, last summer I stamped dozens of these to be wedding favors at a feminist wedding. I still die of shock and am completely flattered anytime someone wants me to be part of their big day!


5.) Smash the Patriarchy Pin

Choosing a favorite design is like choosing a favorite child, but if I had to pick, it would be this little hammer that's closest to my heart. Special thanks to Ashlee Nobel for taking my rough draft and creating something so smashing!


6.) Arkansas Times Best Artisan Crafter

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for voting me best artisan crafter in the Arkansas Times 2016 Best of Arkansas. It was seriously such a surprise and honor!


7.) I Voted

I can't not mention the dumpster fire election. While the outcome is a nightmare I never wake up from, I still remember every wonderful second I spent in that booth voting for a woman for president for the first time in my life. Hopefully I get to do it again.


8.) I Met Andrew W.K.

Last fall I met Andrew W.K. and gave him this bracelet. And he Instagrammed it. And he listened to me talk about my big brother. It was so party.


9.) Partnering with The Outrage

A few months ago, a sweet soul named Rebecca reached out to me about her new website to promote feminist messages while funding feminist causes. It's been fantastic watching The Outrage blossom, and I'm thrilled to introduce three enamel pins I created exclusively for them. This Nasty Women Unite pin came first, and I'll be announcing the other two later this week.