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Hand-stamped humor and salty threads made with care in Arkansas...


How to care for your Bang-Up Betty brass, gold and silver stamped jewelry, how to style your jewelry and apparel, what trends are fresh in stamped jewelry, and more.

Gifts That Give Back

Stacey Bowers

Charitable Gifts

Over the past several weeks, I've launched a lot of new products, and many of those products give back to local and national nonprofits. Thanks to you purposeful shoppers, I've been able to donate around $2,000 to progressive causes near and far in the last year. This convenient gift guide shows you how to shop consciously and what causes Bang-Up Betty is supporting. 

I Believe in Science


$1 from each I Believe in Science sticker and pin and $4 from each I Believe in Science necklace sold at goes to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

Think Locally

You're probably not going to believe this, but Christmas morning I was in the shower thinking about work, because I always think about work in the shower. I was thinking about what pins I'd make in the new year, and I had been planning to make a George Michael pin at some point because he is everything to me. I started thinking about "Last Christmas" and feeling optimistic. I decided to go forward with the pin right then. Fast forward several hours later, after Christmas lunch, I'm opening gifts with the family, and the most precious thing on earth is handed to me... a Wham! Make it Big record. Fast forward LITERALLY 10 MINUTES and my phone lights up with a text: "I'm sorry about George Michael." And that's the story of the best and worst Christmas ever. 

Anyway, I knew I had to make the pin, and to honor George, $1 from each goes to Lucie's Place, and LGBT homeless shelter in Little Rock.

On a much lighter note, I made this Strong As Hell bracelet to benefit Arkansas Women's Outreach, a nonprofit that provides feminine products, underwear and much more to homeless women in Arkansas. 100% of the proceeds from this bracelet go to AWO. So far given them more than $1,500! 

Get Nasty

Nasty Woman

$1 from each of these Nasty Woman stickers and enamel pins sold at goes to the American Civil Liberties Union to help combat this bogus administration.