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How to Care for Your Bang-Up Betty Jewelry


How to care for your Bang-Up Betty brass, gold and silver stamped jewelry, how to style your jewelry and apparel, what trends are fresh in stamped jewelry, and more.

How to Care for Your Bang-Up Betty Jewelry

Stacey Bowers

Congratulations on your new neck candy! Now here are a few tips for keeping it in tip-top condition so you can cherish it forever. 

As with all brass or sterling silver jewelry, I highly recommend keeping a good quality, soft polishing cloth on hand. In fact, I recommend this polishing cloth. I use this cloth on my own personal collection of jewelry that I wear every day. Don't ever use a polishing cloth that has grit in it! You could scratch your jewelry, and we wouldn't want that. 

Watch this magic: 

If your brass jewelry has been through hell and high water (especially salty high water), you can use Brasso on the charm, but be careful not to use it on the chain or it could be very difficult or impossible to get out of the tiny chain links. You can find Brasso for around $2 in the cleaning section of a hardware store. Or you can ask a friend to borrow some because you will only need the tiniest amount. Once I use Brasso on a piece, I thoroughly wipe off the piece with a paper towel because it kinda smells funny. Sorry. 

Shine bright, beauties!